Don’t Call it Stupid!

Granny and I sat at the table, dehusking the melon seeds. We had finished some cups, but there was still more in the bucket. Her phone rang, and she hurried into her room to answer it, leaving me with the seeds. I battled with those in the buckets, when they began to break each time I dehusked one. We had successfully worked on some, but the husks of the new ones refused to come off without breaking the soft seeds. Worried, I called granny, and told her we needed to allow the seeds to spend some more time being dried in the sun.

Still on the phone, granny instructed me to add little water to the seeds. I shouted immediately, arguing that the husks needed to get dry, and not wet. Of course, the melon seeds were not dry enough to allow the husk to break without hurting the soft seeds, according to my judgement. So I hesitated about obeying her instructions.

After a while, she walked back into the room, still insisting that I added some water to the dry seeds.

‘Why, Mama?’ I asked. ‘These seeds are not dry enough, why should we wet them?’
‘Just trust me and wet them.’ She smiled at me.
‘But Mama, I know how it works. When the seeds get dried, we can dehusk them without breaking the melon.’
‘Will you obey? After all, I am, before you are.’

I nodded and poured a little water into the bucket, hoping to tell granny, ‘I told you so!’ Instead, the dry seeds became softer, and we could easily dehusk them.

God speaks to us in similar ways, and sometimes His instructions look ‘stupid’. No, don’t call it stupid! Remember Peter who caught no fish at the right time, and the Lord Jesus told Him to ‘launch out into the deep’, but Peter answered that they had toiled all the night, and had taken nothing, nevertheless at the Lord’s words, he would let down the net.

No matter how stupid or unreasonable God’s instructions may seem, obey Him. He exalts His words above His name, therefore, whatever He tells you, do it. To us humans, God’s counsels are not wise, but He’s been before us, He created us, so we can trust His decisions.

Have you been given a certain instruction from God? Don’t doubt. Wait patiently for ‘full details’ and ask questions as you follow Him.

Are the instructions ‘impossible’ or no one is supporting them? Don’t be discouraged, keep following God. We have heard about apostles, pastors, business men and women, civil servants, engineers, evangelists, prophets, and many others who trusted God and were duly rewarded. Yours is also not an exception, do not call Jesus’ instructions stupid, though they may look like it.

The foolishness of God is wiser than man. So follow Him and carry your cross daily. You are not alone as long as it is God who said it to you. Believe Jesus and He will lead you through His Spirit.

Prov.3.5 – Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
Prov.3.6 – In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.
Prov.3.7 – Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and depart from evil.




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Pray For Nigeria!


God’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save, and His ears are not heavy that they cannot hear.

Rest assured, keep your eyes on Him, set your gaze on the saviour, for He is right before us, fighting our battles.

Have you forgotten that, there’s no shadow He won’t light up, mountain He won’t climb down, wall He won’t kick down, lie He won’t tear down coming after us?

We keep praying, until we see the goodness of the Lord in the land! Yes!

Onward Christian soldier, we don’t give up, for we have not an high priest who was not tested with the same feeling of infirmities as us.

We match as to war, in prayer, in breathtaking worship, in singing… For Nigeria!

Because we are a chosen generation! We are that generation backed up by the Host of Heaven

Instead of giving up we give everything back to God who fights our battles

Yea, the government may forget their own children, but Jesus never forgets. 🔥

He has our names written on His palm, He won’t shoot unanswered prayers at us!

He is faithful!
We pray!
We stand our guard
We have a Father
God is our Father
His name is Elohim
He fails not.

He’s got the whole world in His hands
He’s got the whole wide world in His hands. Yes. He does!

#EndSARSNOW #EndPolicebrutalityinNigeriaNOW #Endbadgovernance #Wepray #Intercession #Godhealourland



God is With You.

Amidst the storm, when struggles challenge you to defeat, God is saying He is with you. Don’t panic, stay calm, and allow His peace to dominate you inspite of the tough times. Give thanks always.

Are you a student? You failed a course and you have to repeat a semester or a session, God is with you, give thanks.

Are you an adult, and things are not working the way you’ve planned? God is with you, give thanks.

Don’t thank Him for your troubles, rather, thank God because He is able to pull you out without any scratch.

You may not see Him, but rest assured that your saviour is there with you. He is God, and His name is Jesus. You’ve got His Spirit living in you. God is right there beside you, stop crying. You’re not alone. He is not a liar, nor is He a coward. Wait patiently on your Lord.

He has seen your plights, He can decode your emotions. He knows what you need, and will supply them in due time.

Wipe your tears, cheer up, and begin to give thanks. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Even if you are faithless, He will remain faithful because He cannot deny Himself. 1 Timothy.2.13.

Confess His greatness in your life and around you. Worship His Majesty. He will surely fulfill His promises at their appointed time. You don’t have to worry, just give thanks. And by the time you’re done, you’ll see that the problem is not as big as you have been seeing it. You’ll ask Him and your faith will be strengthened to receive the answers. Have you started praying? Start now.




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That moment when you just received a credit alert, and the Spirit of God is nudging you to give another person who might need it. Oh my God! You’ll keep assuring yourself that it was your mind speaking to you till you spend all the money on something else.

You can tell yourself that giving is easy until the time comes, and you discover it’s hard on you to give out your substance. Excuses like, ‘Not today, I’ll give it next time’, ‘this is urgent, very very urgent’, begin to come up.

How about sharing your food with your neighbour or your data with someone else? Is that also hard on you? Oh, your data must spend thirty days! There’s another person who has two shirts, but you have more than seven, why don’t you give as the Spirit directs?

Do you hide your food in the kitchen and wait until your visitor leaves because you don’t want to share? Seriously? You’ll decide to fast the same whole day because you don’t want to share your snacks. Hey bro, take a good look at yourself, Christ Jesus – your Lord, is not stingy. He was given to us by His Father, and He also gave Himself freely on our behalf. Moreover, He gave the Holy Spirit to us. That’s not all sis, the life you’re living today, was redeemed by the Christ. Else, you’ll still be in bondage of sin.

We don’t need to begin analyzing God’s generosity, but since we still hold something ‘too’ dearly that we can’t share with others, there is need to. In the beginning, after God created the heavens and the earth, He gave us to be in charge of all His work – the Chief Executive Officer, that is a great position. He gave us many things, one of which is the right to become the children of the Most High, with His Spirit bearing witness in us. We can boldly approach the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need, because of our High Priest, Jesus Christ. (Hebrews.4.15-16)

Since your Heavenly Father is a cheerful giver and you were made in His image, in fact, you are His ambassador, then you must also be able to give cheerfully. Fine, this is easier said than done. That’s why you have the Spirit of the living God dwelling in you! Go to Him in prayer, right now, and ask Him to give you a generous spirit. Ask and you shall be given. Open your heart to receive. Right now, pray!

God’s willing to give you, so ask. Remember to ask in Jesus name, and believe. Also, work towards it. Give generously, freely, and without hope for reward, doing it heartily as to the Lord. God is not unjust to forget your work and labour of love which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints and do minister.


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I Had An Encounter! (part 2)

Yes, 💃 💃 if you haven’t read part 1 of the story, please, go back and read, thank you!

I got up on my feet, unable to answer him rightly, then I told him I would be back. I entered my room sweaty. Knowing this was the time I had to choose between Christ and the world, there was no more sitting on the fence. It was either Jesus or I wasn’t a Christian.

I chose Christ and Christ I did pursue. I searched, devoured, handled, and knew the words He spoke. Christ lived in me, worked in me and worked on me. I had an encounter, my life changed positively! It was worth it.

Led by the Holy Ghost, I returned to the man. Thankfully, he granted me the opportunity to see him.

‘You are here again.’ He laughed as he took his seat before me. ‘Is it still Jesus or what?’
‘Yes, I’m here to tell you about Jesus.-‘

He was about to ask me to read Luke 4:18 again when I smiled into his face. He stopped. 
‘Luke 4:18, right?’ I asked, laughing. ‘Sir, the word of God is inspired by the Holy Spirit, so you need Him to explain what He meant by every word’

‘And, do you think you have the Holy Spirit?’ He paused. ‘Besides what do we need the Holy Spirit for in that simple scripture? Jesus came to save the poor not the rich obviously -‘

‘The word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, I’m sure you know that?’ I asked, ‘so, if it is not properly handled it could injure the person holding it.’

‘What do you mean?’ He straightened.
‘What I’m saying sir, is that, Jesus wasn’t talking about material things here, matter-of-fact was, He had followers who were rich. When He went to prepare a place for us, many rich people became His followers. Cornelius was one, Philemon, Dorcas and many others.’

‘So what is your point, young man?’
‘The poor Jesus referred to were those who do not have Christ.’ Replied me. ‘Indeed any man who doesn’t have Christ is terribly poor, but he who has the Son i.e Christ has it all.
‘The captives here,’ I continued, ‘are those who have been enslaved by sin, those who are in the bondage of the devil. Those who have been tied down to religious activities alone, vain doctrines, the cage of the flesh and more. Those are among the captives Jesus came to save.’

‘And do you think I’m enslaved?’ He asked, resting his chin on his hand.
‘The Bible says,’ I said, giggling. ‘For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Another place, it is written that if we say we have no sin, we make Jesus a liar, and the truth is not in us. In fact, we deceive ourselves!’

‘So, young man, what do I do?’
‘Christ did everything but one sir’
‘What do you mean?’ He asked.
‘Jesus paid the price on the cross of Calvary. He died for our sins and washed us clean. He set us at liberty from the bondage of sin. All we have to do is accept His forgiveness.’

‘It is written,’ I continued, my gaze set on his face. ‘We have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous. He didn’t come for the poor alone, but the poor in spirit, those who admit that they need the Saviour, those who realise that they are in the dark and need the light of Christ.’

He sighed heavily, all written over his face that he wanted Jesus, not because he was poor or rich, but he wanted his saviour, and I didn’t hesitate.

‘Say after me, Lord Jesus, I accept your love for me when you died and saved me on the cross of Calvary.
I believe in your name and I confess you as my Lord and saviour today, come and make your abode in me’. Amen.


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I Had An Encounter!

I Had An Encounter!
(Part 1)

I didn’t like evangelizing, not that I wasn’t a Christian – I mean, I attended church, in fact early, I respected my elders and lived in total dependency on God. I was satisfied with that, so why should I go about telling people ‘Jesus saves’ ? I asked myself each time we were to evangelize.

Now, getting to the tertiary institution, and as if God was ‘ready’ for me. I, in one way or the other found myself in the evangelism unit.
‘What! me?’ I continued to ask unbelievably, but there was little I could do since I couldn’t leave the fellowship on flimsy excuses.

I was a big boy, oh yeah, but I couldn’t risk forming bigger than my mom or the youth pastor of my home church. I mean, they literally took me to the fellowship!

So, already, I was getting used to my ‘job’, telling people about Christ, pray for them, and the next thing was to leave them to the follow up ‘guys’.

But, one day, something changed. On the mission, I was opportuned to meet a rich man. That man had almost everything anyone wanted. Wealth, affluence, materials, name it, this man had it. But, there was something he lacked, a precious Gift that was priceless – he didn’t have Jesus!

As I began preaching to him, I noticed his indifference, so I struggled more to get his attention. Still, this didn’t work and I gave up, rounded my preaching up, prayed and was about to go home when he called me. ‘Young man,’ he said, gesturing for me to have a seat. ‘Sit!’

Okay sir, I trembled, imagining all sort of things. I suddenly wished bro John was present to make things right. (Ignoring the precious Holy Spirit ever with me.)

‘Open your Bible to Luke chapter 4 verse 18.’ He instructed, unmoved by my cautiousness.’ Read it to our hearing.’

I bagan to read carefully, unsure why I was actually reading.
‘The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed.’

‘See that?’ He raised one of his eyebrows, and began to speak as solemnly as he could.

‘Jesus said He didn’t come for men like me. I am rich already, I am not brokenhearted.’ He picked up the glass of wine beside him for a quick sip and continued. ‘I am not a captive, I am not blind, I’m not oppressed, as you can see for yourself, so I don’t need Jesus!’

I trembled more on my seat, became hot and cold at the same time as chills ran down my spine. This man was determined to make me eat all of my words. In one word I thought I was helpless, but I wasn’t, I wasn’t helpless.
The compassionate Holy Spirit had mercy on me!

I got on my feet, speechless, unable to answer him rightly, then I told him I would be back.

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Part 2 coming up tomorrow, you don’t want to miss it! 😊😊

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I Was Made A Servant

The stripes landed on my back, and I shouted out in pain. Panting, yet the man who punished me didn’t seem to be interested in my dying state, he was concerned about torturing me. Another landed on my neck, the seventy-seventh, and at that point, I fainted.

I thought I had died, but the life in me was awakened by the continued lashes of cane on my back, legs, and head. He didn’t stop even though I cried for freedom. Tears flowed down my cheeks freely.

‘What have I done? Why was this man beating me?’

I had boarded a bus to town, but was driven into a bush where I was being punished for an offence, I was not sure I had committed. While in agony, other men dragged me on a stony ground of about twenty meters. My chin was bleeding, stomach bruised, and my hands struggling to get a grip on the rough soil.

‘Get up!’ A voice thundered.

Due  to the wounds  I was unable to stand up. Three men held my hands and sat me down. Blindfolded, I couldn’t see whom they were.

‘Remove the napkin!’ Another voice shouted, and it was as though a house had fallen.

We were in a palace, and the one who sat in the throne, who had told me to get up was my cloth. Shocked, I searched the room for the men who had sat me down, but all I saw were my bags, shoes, clothes, and phones.

‘What’s this?’ I was confused, still in pain, blood gushing out of my body. Where was I? I could feel every joint of mine dislocated, my strength was decreasing, I knew I was helpless. I could not even call the name of the Lord!

Then came the calm voice, ‘you are a slave of whatever you serve.’

I woke up.

My body was drenched in sweat. It was a dream, more of a revelation than it was a nightmare. I stood up immediately, picked my Bible, and turned the pages carelessly to Rom.6.16 – Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?

The Spirit of the Lord taught me that I was a servant to anything I esteemed above God. I realized I had made my possessions my god, no one could touch them. All day, I wished I had more. I wanted every beautiful dress, and shoes, and bags, and wristwatches for myself. I was not honouring the Lord with my possessions, I honoured them instead.

I humbled myself before the Lord by confessing my sins to Him who had the power to forgive. Instantly, His peace dominated me. And I went on to ask for the power to overcome my lust for possessions. He did give me power in abundance. You can as well ask Him today and He will give you.

Prov.3.9 – Honor the LORD with your possessions, And with the firstfruits of all your increase;


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‘I See You!’

You are probably wondering if everything is all vain and there’s nothing to write home about. You think the way forward leads backward and there’s no road except stagnancy. You want to know if you matter to God, or does He see you at all?

You are scared, afraid of what the future holds for you. Of course, you are a fire branded sister, a man of God, but sometimes, – sometimes you want to know where it leads to.

Rest assured, today, God is saying, ‘I see you.’ Please, read that again with your name inclusive, ‘*** I see you!’ He is saying, ‘I notice even the smallest things that you can never imagine.’

‘Like when you hold the turning stick as your microphone and sing melodious songs to Me! I see you. Emptying that dirty dustbin occasionally, picking up your neighbour’s cloth that fell with a holy conscience. I still see You! You matter so much to Me that I died for you.’

In the dark, when all seem wrong, instead of turning away, God sees you turning people back to Him in holy cheerfulness and gladness. He sees your beautiful heart and decorates it more!

Maybe you are thinking of giving up and going back, maybe you are thinking it’s not even worth it…

Listen up, whenever you think God is farthest, He is still always near (nearest). Silently watching, I assure you, in His silence, there are words, in His words, there is love. Stay strong and hold onto the Man who lightens your path and brightens your day.

Remind yourself of the sweet promises of the Holy Ghost, His comforting Presence, His soothing smile. The joy of your salvation. The price of your freedom! The blood of Jesus that washed you clean!

You can’t give up! You can’t go back! You see this kingdom, this Father’s business, we are all doing it together. We are all winning souls together. God sees us. He is saying, ‘Go as My Spirit orders and instructs, you are the apple of My eyes. I see you!’


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What’s that voice that says you are no more a child of God? You’ve got to hear a louder voice that confirms God’s love for you. He is not man, that He should lie, and it is said in the Bible that His love for you is unfailing. So, if He won’t compromise, why do you doubt? You didn’t tell Him to come and die for you, yet He did. He has not started to stop halfway or get fed up!

Who condemns you? Yourself? Or others? Fine, you’ve committed a sin, but that does not stop God from loving you and wanting that your soul be saved. What sin does is that it takes away your confidence toward God, your joy, peace, and fellowship. Its aim is to bring you to conclude that you are not wanted anymore in the Kingdom of God. You’ll cry and cry and think nothing can be done.

Have you not read that only Jesus has the power to forgive sins, and He has forgiven you? You have to believe and get back on your knees, remorseful, thank Him for forgiveness and peace, then ask for the grace to sin no more. God does not condemn you!

Once you think He does, you may not be able to receive forgiveness, peace, and continue a good fellowship with Him.

Strive towards perfection, but if you make mistakes, know that God does not condemn you! He desires that you come back to Him, saying you are sorry, and believing that you have been forgiven. Give thanks! God loves His children reckless.

Accept Jesus and receive His Holy Spirit.




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Sis and I agreed to do the cooking together because it was our ‘last’ five cups of rice.

That was unusual, though! We diced the onions, carrots, liver, then rinsed the farrows, and other ingredients- we were preparing fried rice.

As we did this, we were already salivating, and planning the quantity each of us would eat. (Of course, I wanted more!)

Then came the knock at the door. Who would go and open it? I immediately gave her a defensive look, one that suggested I wasn’t ready to go.

She returned with a questioning stare. ‘You or I?’
We asked ourselves, ‘who opened the last time?’
‘I did.’ We both echoed.
Neither of us was ready to attend to our guest.

Eventually, sis opened the gate. And to our surprise, the guest was a little boy who was going to ask if our house number was 27! ‘Ahh’

When he left, we could not resume our cooking because a controversy had begun. We had called ourselves several bad names, insulted, and reminded each other of past mistakes.

Angrily, I dashed into my room and locked the door, not caring about the rice that was being parboiled (the last in our store). She also ignored the food, daring me. None of us would apologize first. We weren’t ready to take the blame.

But when we could not endure the hunger, we both rushed to the kitchen. Oops, the rice was burnt. All of it! We couldn’t cry or blame another. We had both made terrible mistakes.

At some points in life, we may be in similar situations, where no one would be willing to reconcile first.
Humans want to be ‘always’ right, we do not ever want to believe that we’re wrong.

In cases like these, the best thing to do is apologize first, even if it looked stupid or unreasonable. Many bad happenings in our society can be prevented if love was allowed. Let love rule. You may not have to take the blame always, in order to listen to the other person’s opinion. Then submit to one another in love, correct, adjust, improve.

Give room for suggestions, through love, let God have His way. He doesn’t walk in malice, hatred, gossips, but in love, joy, peace, righteousness. The best way to do this is allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Know Jesus, and He will fill you with the Holy Spirit who can help you to love others.


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Who doesn’t love yam porridge? Oh! Spiced with scent leaves – so appetizing! I was peeling a tuber of yam that evening to prepare porridge, and as I sliced it into smaller sizes, I realized there was always a bigger piece of yam. I kept dividing every big piece into two, but they didn’t seem to get smaller, because each time I did, one remained bigger than the rest.

This is similar to some manners in our lives, as we learn to get off bed early, there is a need to get some chores done. While doing these, another work comes up, and another, and another, and another.

The Scripture confirms this, we are not perfect, but striving towards perfection. As you improve on loving others, you notice there is a need to work on your temper, soon, it becomes difficult to always want to have things done ‘your way’. You realize you are not happy always, you cannot give your belongings freely, it is hard to say you are sorry, you cannot even say ‘thank you’ to someone younger than you.

There is always a ‘big slice of yam’ that needs to be divided. And if you properly work on it, you get a ‘smooth consistency’. Remember it passes through heat, pressure, and waits a period of time for it to be done.

Work on yourself. Don’t be discouraged because you are not yet perfect, just know that the area that is ‘still big’ needs to be ‘sliced’. And it indicates that you are improving.

How can you improve rapidly? Get the hint! Only the Holy Spirit can show you the ‘big slice of yam’ that needs to be worked on. Only Him. So, talk to Him right now to show you, and help you make a difference. Right now, start talking to Him. Don’t waste a second. Don’t forget to talk ‘in Jesus name’, and acknowledge the Father.

There is still a big one o, but you can crush it with the help of God. That bad manner does not have to get the worse of you. Tell God to strengthen you to crush it before it crushes you. You can do it, ‘not by power, not by might, but by the Spirit of God’.




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No One Ever Spoke Like Him!

Have you ever had to think twice what anyone said to you? I mean, real thinking to understand the context of the conversation because the person spoke really well?

Sometimes I have had to, in fact, more than once!

Whereas, Jesus Who was ‘more than men’ could simply not be arrested because of the way He spoke.

The officers sent to arrest Him came back and told the Pharisees that they could not arrest Jesus because NO ONE EVER SPOKE LIKE HIM! Kai 🔥 🔥

The Authority by which He spoke, the power His words had made them confess to this undeniable fact.

Yet, He is kind, meek, gentle, merciful and full of compassion. However, His words are spirit and life, they are not spoken ordinarily, but in power and in love so that none of the officers could come close to Him.

Now, what do you think Jesus said to the Samaritan woman or to Nathaniel who had sat under the tree?

Isn’t He just lovely, isn’t He wonderful? Oh yes, He is!

That Man lives in us, He has made His habitation in you and I. Through the Holy Ghost, He works in us! Glory!!

Knowing that He lives in you, is there any situation that needs speaking to? That needs His words? Mention them and begin to speak through the Holy Ghost to them!

At the end, just like those officers, those situations would confess, ‘No one ever spoke like this Man!’ Amen
John 7:46

#OneBigHand #Jesus’WordsArePowerful #NoOneEverSpokeLikeHim #HeLivesInUs!

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Slowly, I walked along the roadway behind a fine old building in my school. I was tired from running around to get a project which was due in some minutes done. My thoughts drifted to several things.

Firstly, I hoped my project was done according to the laid down standard. My friends and I had made several mistakes that were corrected by the typist and I wondered what else we were missing. This made me worry. It was just the beginning of the semester and I didn’t want anything taking away my marks.

Hungrily, I thought about food and prayerfully hoped my sister was back in the hostel and had prepared something for us to eat. If not, I wished the pepper had been bought- by itself, then ground, boiled, and cooked into a delicious stew. I also wished the gas cylinder had been refilled and I didn’t have to wait until then. Oh, how I wished the water had been fetched back into the storage! I wished I wasn’t walking in the scorching sun, rather resting in my corner as the food was served to me.

Then, I remembered I had assignments to evaluate and books to read in preparation for the next classworks. I sighed heavily, aware that my sister was still in one of the laboratories for practical.

Oblivious to my surrounding, I walked before another student – a lively one. He stopped, looked at me, and said, ‘smile -‘. I did smile, but not without sighing first.
Then, came the infectious laughter, afterward he said, ‘oh, she’s beautiful!’ With that, he walked away, just as lively as before.

That was all it took to lift the heavy weight around my neck away. I smiled more as a light suddenly flooded my heart that Jesus bore my grief, worriness was not a virtue He purchased with His blood for me. I knew I wasn’t entitled to worry.

As for the project, goodness and mercy accompanied it wherever it went. I was relieved of my thoughts, knowing my help shall come from above. I walked confidently in the sun, aware of the presence of the Almighty all around me.

Whether you are convinced of the possibility or not, God is in control, so smile! Shine out your beautiful teeth and let the world see how big your blessed heart is.

Smile, God is in control!

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Joy Regardless of Circumstances

No one can define joy as it really is, except that man who puts his hope in God and has the Holy Spirit in him. That man who believes in the mystery of Christ and the wisdom with which God has used to save the world, only him can tell what joy really is. The reason is that he has the Holy Spirit in him, and he bears the fruits of the Spirit, which joy is part.

Joy, is not ‘situation-induced’, instead it is ‘God-induced’. Joy, on its own is a part of the kingdom of God caused by the Holy Ghost. There are many physical expressions of joy, however, joy is from the inside to outside. It starts from the heart, through faith in Christ Jesus, who opens our eyes and hearts to see things unseen and know things unknown, that God will never leave us comfortless. That we should cast our cares upon Him for he cares for us, He will not allow our feet to be moved. We will draw near to Him, and He will draw near to us. Which means when I say praise Jesus, He is already there to receive my praises, what I have to do is proceed by faith with confidence through the Spirit.

There is a joy that fills our heart and empties us of life’s struggles. The joy that comes from believing Jesus’ words – ‘Come to me, all that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest …My yoke is easy and my burden is light’ This joy comes from knowing whom we believe, and being persuaded that He is able to keep all that we entrust in His hands.

Who says to have joy in our hearts is like reciting A to Z or like solving a difficult question? Joy comes from the Lord and gives us strength. If you are down or weary, joy is a key that can lead you ahead.

Ask God, to give you joy in your inner man. Joy that does not regard circumstances, joy that does not experience mood swings, that is high-spirited, that drowns difficult times. For light accompanies joy, and honour, and strength, and gladness. God delights in the joy of our hearts, not merely expressed by your words but from our inner man. Tell God to give you joy, that you may be strengthened and able to face whatever you encounter.
Ps.100.2 – Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before His presence with singing.


A Killer and Life Giver…

It was the anticipated Saturday, the scheduled day for the birthday party I was invited to speak and I was running late already, yet this woman whose car had an ‘half-life’ delayed me unnecessarily on the road. I imagined the party had started, and what if the cake had been cut and I had missed the most important thing- my speech? I hated to assume the worse.

As I sat in my car, infuriated at the woman who ran around fruitlessly, I wondered what else would be done in my absence if I spent another minute on the road. Immediately, I hit my fist against the horn, startling the woman. She looked directly at me, her eyes pleading for my patience, yet I knew my patience was used up already. I hitted my fist against the horn, this time, determined to stop until she had found a solution to the problem. She looked at me another time, stress painted on her face clearly. But none of this moved me.

Instead, determined to solve the problem, I got out of my car, walked toward hers and banged it forcefully. ‘I will implore you madam,’ I said when I stopped banging the car. ‘Whenever you’re going out with this wretched thing you’d call a car, do check it properly to avoid situations like this.’ Raising my voice, I continued, ignoring the woman’s plea. ‘For God’s sake, I’m late already and you are here indecisive about what to do.’

‘What is going on here?’ The man whose car was parked behind mine asked. I shot him a cold glance that was enough to freeze him out from where he stood. ‘This woman here is the reason we all can’t leave this place soon.’ I said, sparing a quick glance at her.
‘I’m very sorry -‘ She faltered. ‘I’m not sure what to do about it -‘
‘You’d better known something before I -‘
‘You’re so rude young woman!’ The man shouted at me. ‘What is your problem?’
‘What? You’re asking me what my problem is?’ I laughed at his insolence. ‘I have a party to attend, a speech to deliver, and you are condemning me for fighting for my right. Do you even know who you are talking to?’
‘Who are you, tell me, who are you?’ He asked, frowning. ‘Look at my car, does it compare with the rough tin you’re driving? I’m old enough to be your father.’
‘Hold it there, Mr man!’ I exclaimed interruptingly. ‘My father is a level 14 officer in this country and my husband is a well respected business man. Don’t you dare talk to me like that!’

By now, car owners were gathered around us. Some asking us to resolve the issue while others helped the woman in getting her car together.

‘And so?’ He spread his lips in an annoying way that tempted me to throw a slap to his cheek, ‘you are just a gold digger, a nobody, a rich fool.’
Now, I could not hold the anger that boiled my head, immediately, I landed the anticipated slap on his cheek. The people standing around exclaimed, the men shouted, some cursed, while others sort ways to separate us.

However, the next thing that happened shocked me. The man, stretching his hands, slapped me twice on the same cheek. It was hot and painful that I lost myself on the spot for some seconds, then came the worse of it, he snatched a bottle from someone, and splashed its content at me. ‘Oh!’ I shook shamefully, unable to lift a finger until he was gone. Afterward, the people gathered returned one after the other to their cars. I wondered what I was missing until I saw the woman whose car was faulty earlier, drove away before me.

No sooner had this happened than I arrived at my destination. The party was ongoing. ‘Yay!’ I shouted as I reapplied my make-up ,thankfully, my cloth was dry from the effect of the air conditioner. Then, my eyes caught sight of the car earlier, it was parked carefully before me. Ignoring it, I got down, headed for the door.

The usual birthday song welcomed me, I smiled beautifully, but to my surprise, the woman from earlier was standing at the middle, smiling as everyone sang. I learnt that it was her surprise birthday party organized by her children, who had invited me to speak. Oh! How I wished the ground could open up and swallow me immediately! I could not believe that I was standing before the woman I had openly insulted.

‘It’s alright,’ came the sweet comforting voice. I beheld the speaker, and it was her again, this time smiling confidently into my face. Later, she’d told me about the tongue, a killer and a life giver. Prov. 18.21.
Ever since then, I determined to give life with my tongue.

Beloved, let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.

I hope it blessed you. Please, like and comment, thank you!


Understanding One Another

There is one of those things we should not forget in our relationship with anyone, no matter how smooth it appears, it is learning to understand that we are unique beings and everyone is different from another person you are comparing them with.

My sister loves to apologize immediately an offence is made known to her, and this offend me more. To me, it made her look perfect while I appeared stupid or just not spiritual enough. Funny, but true. I remember vividly telling her she had done something wrong and immediately, her reply came, ‘I am very sorry.’ Oh, I felt more offended. Her response meant there was no talking about it anymore, she was sorry and I had to accept that she was sorry. Case closed.

Yet, within me, that was not the end, merely saying she was sorry didn’t make her sorry -to me. And, on those days, we ended up keeping quiet when we could had spent the rest of the walk – friendly walks, admonishing ourselves in the Lord. I didn’t even know that was malice in disguise while I tried to act it was over, although, I was close to crying out tears forced by anger.

Thank God, my sister came by an illustration about relationships that suited our situation. She approached me (still apologizing) for always apologizing when that wasn’t the right words to use. We sat and examined ourselves, I discovered I was the type of person who was pacified when instead of ‘I am sorry’, ‘I was wrong. I know I hurt you, I am sorry, I will change’, were said to me. How did we know? Each time I did wrong, I quickly felt remorseful, say those words and expect to be forgiven at once, just like she expects to be forgiven instantly when she said she was sorry.

We laughed, knowing that was the problem and we were able to deal with it already. My sister further explained to me how our children Sunday School had stuck to her heart for a very long time. ‘Learn to say you are sorry’, was the teaching she held on to, and often and often, I had heard her, kneeling to God saying she was sorry for a wrong done, knowing immediately that she was forgiven. Wow!

Meanwhile, I didn’t forget our Sunday School lesson, our interpretations simply differed. My usual lines during the forgiveness prayer could be summarized as ‘I’m sorry’.

Don’t forget that, nothing can take the place of apology in our interactions.

We often misquote the truth that love is the bond of perfection in relationships, because sometimes it is not only about whether you love the other person or not – sure you have to! But, do you understand the person you love? Do you understand why that very good friend reacts that way or this way? If you don’t, then, the love of God, shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit for the friend, must compel you to find ways of understanding each other.


You Love Me!

You love me forever
You love me endlessly
You love me recklessly
You love me!
Though, reckless I was, yet extravagantly Your love has found me!
Everyday, Your mercies are new!
Your goodness is ever fresh!
And You watch and keep me from all destructions.
You are good, especially to me.
Your love extends its hand in salvation towards me, and in gracious glory You have called me.

Jesus, You love me.
Oh. What love this is!

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